Pain relieving herbal balm for joints and muscles.

What is NOPAIN? Nopain is a blend of concentrated natural oils in a synergistic formulation for the relief of pain and inflammation of joints and muscles.

What does it contain? Nopain consists of pure cold pressed almond oil for rapid absorbtion by the skin and contains the following vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6 and E. The following concentrated herbs make up the synergistic pain relieving formulation of active ingredients: Cypress, Ginger, Lavender, Pine and Rosemary.

Who uses NOPAIN? Nopain is indicated for Arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosis, Chronic muscle pain, Lower back pain, Sport related joint and muscular pain , Work related joint and muscular pain and general pain such as minor burns and sprains.

What makes NOPAIN different to any other product to make me want to use NOPAIN? Most products on the market do not totally relieve the deep-rooted pain associated with, for instance, the joint pain in the fingers of a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, where Nopain has a 95% success rate. With regular use, Nopain totally remits pain and does not allow the inflammation to return. In the case of minor burns, pain relief is complete within 15 minutes and the pain does not return.

Who should not use NOPAIN? As there are no known side effects or allergies to Nopain because Nopain is only used externally it is completely safe to use.

How is NOPAIN used? Put a few drops of Nopain on the sore joint or muscle and gently rub or massage, in the case of joints, try to get Nopain right around the joint, (in some joints like the knuckles it is difficult to get Nopain right around the joint.)

What does NOPAIN smell like? Nopain has a clean, slightly herby pleasant aroma that dissipates within half an hour. Nopain does not stain clothes either.

How does NOPAIN work? Nopain is absorbed through the skin and the herbs are carried to the site of inflammation rapidly to start the pain relieving and healing process, (in the case of finger joints, pain relief can be felt within the first hour). With the continued daily use of Nopain, complete relief is usually achieved within a few days.

PRICING. NOPAIN IS AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES. 5 Ml, (150 drops) 10 Ml, (300 drops) 15 Ml, (450 drops) 30 Ml, (900 drops) 50 Ml, (1500 drops) 100 Ml (3000 drops)

Trade enquiries welcome, we require international distributors.

5 Ml

R 15.00

$ 2.50

+ $ 4.00 postage

10 Ml

R 30.00

$ 5.00

+ $ 4.00 postage

15 Ml

R 45.00

$ 7.50

+ $ 4.00 postage

30 Ml

R 90.00

$ 15.00

+ $ 4.00 postage

50 Ml

R 135.00

$ 22.50

+ $ 8.00 postage

100 Ml

R 250.00

$ 41.00

+ $ 8.00 postage



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